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Markalino Jewelry
Millbrae, California United States
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    Millbrae California, United States
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    My name is Mark Thaler and I am a native of the San Francisco Peninsula. I began making jewelry in 2007, which began with simple pairs of filigree earrings with Swarovski flat back crystals adhered to them. I first presented them at a family party that summer and they were a hit! This inspired me to learn more about jewelry making, gemstones and other materials used. I started to create necklaces, bracelets and more earrings. My work gained popularity with people I worked with and with my family and family friends. I even came out with a line of Swarovski and sterling silver awareness bracelets when we found out my now late father had stage four cancer, so that I could raise money for the American Cancer Society. I had also been on Etsy when it was still in its early stages during 2008 to 2009.

    Due to some personal circumstances, I had decided to take a break from jewelry making in 2009 and didn't start up again until 2012, when I first began selling strictly vintage pieces. However, it inspired me to start making jewelry once more. I re-joined Etsy in late 2013 and couldn't be happier to be back! Since I re-started my jewelry making business, I have had the opportunity to present my work at some shows and I had a few pieces at a local museum in 2013.

    I believe in making one-of-a-kind pieces, so that my jewelry is as individual as the person wearing it. I truly enjoy making beautiful, high-quality handmade jewelry for people, including several custom pieces that have been requested. It is an honor each and every time a customer purchases and wears my jewelry. My customers are always my priority, which is a reason why I guarantee each piece of jewelry I make.
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